Products DID’s aim is to offer services to our customers having much greater value than mere provision of products. Our products include DID’s standard cables, custom-designed cables and cable assemblies, in addition to suppliers’ ready-made cables. We find out which cables are most suited to your requirements, and promptly deliver them to you. We consider these services to be “products” of a quality unique to DID.

Custom Made Cables

We offer various cables and connectors that meet our clients’ needs.

Complex Multicore Cables

Multicore cables designed to meet multiple purposes by combining core wires different in configurations and sizes.

Custom Robot Cables

We offer optimal cables that meet our customers’ requirements for cable flexibility.

EhterCAT Cables

We also deal with processing of cables for the data communication network EtherCAT and measurement of the transmission speed of the same.

Custom Connectors

We can offer custom connectors when the ready-made connectors cannot satisfy your requirements.


We design FPCs adapted to the space and wiring in the equipment. Noise reduction treatment is also avaiable.

Low Outgas Cables

Our low outgas cables use fluorine resin for insulators, and are highly heat-resistant. They can also be used in a vacuum.

DID’s Original Products

We have developed original cables based on custom cables with high demand from our customers.

FD/FDS Cables

Foldable cables developed with a view to wiring efficiency. They have the advantages of both ‘sudare-type’ flat cables and vinyl sheathed multicore round cables.


Widely applicable as Type CL3 listed cables in compliance with the National Electrical Code. NEC CL 3 2464VV/VSV cables comply with the standard prescribed in the 2007 Edition of NFPA79.

STO/TC(CE) Cables

UL, c-UL, TC, CE and PSE-approved power cables used in most countries worldwide. Using heat-resistant flexible vinyl for insulators and heat and oil-resistant flexible vinyl for sheaths, these cables have high abrasion-resistance properties.

UL2517 V2S Cables

UL-approved shielded multicore cables. Insulators with excellent heat resistance are adopted, and all cores are differentiated for identification. These cables contain drain wires.

UL2990 CE2S Cables

Cables using cross-linked polyethylene, which has excellent heat resistance and frequency properties, for insulators. The shields for electrostatic shielding are lapped with ground wires.

Suppliers’ Products

We also deal with common cable products available in the market. We can offer the optimal product selected from various manufacturers’ products for you.

Robot Cables

ables with excellent flexibility and durability suitable for such as movable parts of robot arms.

Multicore Cables

We offer cables best-suited for your application from various manufacturers’ products.

Ultrafine Coaxial Cables

Multicore cables consisting of coaxial cables with diameters of less than 0.5 mm. Suitable for liquid crystal panels and medical sensors.

Machine Vision Cables

Cables for digital cameras using communication standards such as Camera Link, IEEE1394 and Gigabit Ethernet.

Fiber-Optic Cables

Fiber cables for transmitting light signals. We offer fiber-optic cables of various standards.


Tubes for delivering fluid. We have various types of tubes different in material and outer diameter.

Thermocouples and Compensating Lead Wires

We also offer thermocouples and compensating lead wires used for temperature measurement.

High-Frequency Coaxial Cables

We also offer various high-frequency cables such as those for transmitting microwaves.

Heat-Resistant Cables

We offer heat-resistant cables with the maximum working temperature of up to 1000℃.

Cables of Various Standards

We provide other suppliers’ cables of various standards. Contact us for further information.

Suppliers’ Connectors

We also provide connectors of various manufacturers. Contact us for further information.

LCDs and Bar Code Readers

We import and sell LCDs and Bar Code Readers of overseas manufacturers.

Examples of Our Cable Processing

Examples of custom cables processed and manufactured at our factories

Original Cable Units

DID’s original cable units made from scratch from planning and development of products

DID not only offers original cable products or cable processing, but also manufactures original cable units. Our original cable units are made from scratch from planning and development of products in accordance with our customers’ requirements. We offer a one-stop service for making custom cable units from procurement of materials to assembling, by utilizing our expertise developed through our own experience in making custom made products as well as skills of our group companies in hardware development. This proves our coordination skill as a company that does not just deal with trading but thinks and acts out of the box.