CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Philosophy

DID is intent on improving the economy through the expansion of its electronics businesses, based on its core business involving wires and cables. DID is also resolved to significantly advance the sustainable development of society, by proactively pursuing environmental conservation and contributing to local communities. We believe that stakeholders such as business partners, staff and their families, shareholders, local communities and related organizations have a great trust in us, which is the key to the enhancement of our corporate value. From this viewpoint, our principles for CSR are as described below.


DID considers that a solid mutual trust with our business partners is the core of our business activities. We endeavor to create new social values through collaboration with our business partners.


DID has a commitment to provide an environment that enables our staff, as individuals, to realize their potential to the fullest. We also endeavor to be a company that imbues in our employees and their families a proud sense of belonging.


DID always strives to conduct business efficiently and to be financially healthy. We aim to provide returns on our shareholders’ investments by increasing revenues and sustaining profitability.


DID is aware that any company constitutes a part of its local community. We comply with local rules, ensure safety, and encourage welfare activities and interaction among members of the community.


DID performs business activities while vigilantly maintaining awareness of environmental impact, with an aim to protect and improve the global environment.


There is a rapidly increasing awareness of global warming issues nowadays, and solar power generation is increasingly attracting attention as an effective measure for reducing CO2 and controlling global warming. Ahead of its popularity, DID installed solar panels at Tokyo Head Office in 2008 and at Northern Kanto Office in 2010 to promote use of clean energy. Even though the power generating capacities are not big, due to insufficient space, we manage to reduce CO2 by an amount equivalent to 2ha of forest per year.


DID has provided a global internship program at our factory in China since 2011, for 10 to 20 university students each year. We are committed to helping young people to broaden their perspectives through experience in modern-day China, which is developing so rapidly.


Work Experience Program for Local Students

We offer work experience days for local junior high school students every year.
By providing an opportunity for students to experience our work such as product picking and inspection, we aim to help them develop a sense of self-reliance.

Town Cleanup

We clean up the streets around our Head Office every day, and all the staff go out to clean up the streets from the Head Office to the nearest station at the end of each year. We maintain close communication with the local community in this way.

Donations to the Japan Guide Dog Association

DID has been making donations to the Japan Guide Dog Association to assist visually impaired people’s participation in society and to help increase the number of guide dog users in Japan, which is currently small.

Environmental Statement

DID considers “conservation of global environment” to be a top priority for all humankind. We endeavor to reduce the environmental load in all our activities in processing and sales of electronic parts such as wires and cables. DID has made an “Environmental Statement” in which we set out our philosophy and principles in this regard.
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