Connecting Cables and People

“Professional Densenist” is a coined phrase used to describe DID and our staff, who are specialists in the field of wires (densen in Japanese) and of whom DID is rightly proud. With professional viewpoints stemming from “Dedication to Customers”, “Immense Knowledge” and “Future-Oriented” mindset, DID has served diverse needs of customers as a trading company specializing in wires for industrial electronic equipment. With the motto of “Connecting People before Connecting Cables,” we first seek to become a reliable partner to each of our customers to facilitate provision of an optimal solution. As Professional Densenists we will continue to evolve to support the creation of new businesses of our customers.


01 Dedication to Customers

Our dedication to our customers naturally leads to our professional working motto “Customers First.”
Our business is driven by our strong desire to “make our customers happy” based on such dedication.

01-1 Dedication to Customers

Dedication Drives Us to Provide Something Extra

Our service starts with “knowing” our customers. We visit our customers’ premises often, familiarize ourselves with their ideas and priorities, and develop a desire to provide support well into their future. This is how our “Dedication to Customers” evolves, and how we build up an understanding with our customers until we can say “Drop a hint, and we will understand everything.” We understand that such a relationship generates a synergy that has a positive impact on the business of both sides.

01-2 Planning

Full Support from the Product Planning Stage

As Professional Densenists, we will never be satisfied with an ordinary trading business whereby we merely purchase and sell suppliers’ ready-made products. Our mission is to do business proactively with our customers, starting from the product development process, and to provide solutions truly suited to the customers based on our extensive experience and expertise. We endeavor to enhance the uniqueness of each customer’s business by offering value-added products and services designed especially for industrial electronic equipment.

01-3 Prompt Action

Our Flexibility Accelerates the Speed of Your Business

Promptly giving estimates or delivering goods is no longer an advantage. As Professional Densenists, we have even built a new factory to shorten the preparation of custom products and opened a branch near a customer’s office for quick delivery and repair. As a result, it is not unusual that our customers express surprise at the lengths we are prepared to go to support them. Of course, our motivation is undoubtedly our “Dedication to Customers”.


02 Confidence in our Products

Most of the wires/cables that DID handles are custom designed products.
The expertise acquired through coordinating products with customers’ demands as well as confidence in our products developed by working with wires every day are strengths of DID.

02-1 Immense Knowledge

Promptly Find the Right Cable for Customers

Comprehensive expertise is indispensable for discerning slight differences between various wires/cables, and choosing the right product from a huge number of combinations of wires/cables and terminals. Of course, as Professional Densenists, we not only have immense knowledge of wires and cables but also continue to research new products. Our coordination skills, developed through experience, enable us to navigate the huge world of cables without confusion.

02-2 Diverse Products

Flexible Offer from Various Suppliers’ Products

DID is an independent trading company and thus can choose suppliers without restriction. As a result, DID is currently doing business with more than 200 suppliers globally. The wide product range enables us to provide our customers with “various products in small amounts.” This is why, as Professional Densenists, we can offer optimal products even to the most demanding customers.

02-3 One-Stop Solution

Quick Delivery of Value-Added Products

DID has constructed its own domestic and overseas factories to meet requirements that are unique to industrial electronic equipment. We have achieved technologies for overcoming significant difficulties in processing, and we stay up to date with new products. This is why we can offer a one-stop solution for special order products required for state-of-the-art electronics equipment. Professional Densenists are earnestly involved with wires/cables and our commitment makes it possible to provide such a high level of products.


03 Future-Oriented

At DID we do not only pursue profits.
We always feel we have a responsibility to ask ourselves “What is the right course to take as a human being?”
It is our mission to improve the future of the society.

03-1 Social Contribution

Future-Oriented and Fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility

DID has implemented Corporate Social Responsibility activities ahead of other companies. We have installed solar power generators and introduced internships for foreign students. Needless to say, DID has never undervalued the primary mission of a company; to allow each member of staff to realize his or her potential to the fullest, to expand the business thereby, and eventually to increase employment. At DID, we vigorously conduct business day after day while bearing in mind how we can contribute to society in a multifaceted manner.

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03-2 Extensive Training

Various Career Development Programs

DID employs many new graduates every year, because we believe that continuous fostering of Densenists will brighten the future of the electric wire industry. We openly share our know-how and develop not merely human resources but “human treasures,” as one of our most important tasks. We have created a training environment including an intense 3-year training program and overseas visits for newcomers. Thus, we have produced Professional Densenists year after year.

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03-3 Clear Vision

Keep Implementing New Measures for Further Progress

DID has seen steady growth since its establishment. Our operation has “never been in the red” for the past 51 years. What makes this possible is our professionalism in anticipating the future and proactively taking concrete measures. In recent years, we have built processing factories and bought a software development company that has cutting-edge technologies. DID will continue to unlock the future by making such “forward-looking moves.”

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